Improving Basketball Skills

What is a basketball game without knowing how to perform the basic fundamental skills to compete in one? Coaches will need to know what drills to use and how to improve, still developing, skills. We came across a study that concluded that even the top high school athletes in basketball performed more errors and mistakes in more physical demanding situations (Roman, 2009). We understand that the East Lansing kids are not the top kids in the country for basketball, but it shows that there will always be a need to improve skills, especially for our young athletes. Some of the skills that we would especially develop would be shooting, passing, dribbling, and footwork.Celebrity Bball Camps


  •  Shooting drills would consist of proper shooting technique of 90-degree elbow tucked in and a fluid motion to the release. Strength capacity with shooting will also be improved with the use of the special basketball medicine balls in which are 3 lbs. Shooting distance would be very close to rim to help with inside scoring ability if using medicine ball.


  •  3 Man Weave- A passing pattern that includes a full court and 3 people. Not only does it help with passing but also helps provide for coordination and speed.
  •  Defensive Slide Shuffle- Passing with either a regular ball or for better improvements a special basketball medicine ball of 3 lbs. This drill will also help with foot coordination and accuracy of passing.


  •  Double Ball Power Dribble: Dribble on the out of bounds lines on the entire court with a ball in each hand. This will help develop the hand eye coordination of the child and help develop dribbling capabilities with both hands. (Mark, 2012)
  •  Power Dribble Crossover- Dribble the ball in the right hand then quickly bounce the ball to the left hand for a few seconds then quickly dribble back to right hand. This drill will help develop hand eye coordination and efficiency with both hands. (Mark, 2012)
  •  3 Chair Dribbling- Put 3 chairs or cones 10 feet apart from each and weave in between the chairs/ cones in a figure 8 patter. (Mark, 2012)


  •  Defensive Slide Drill- This will also help the dribbling skills of the offensive player as well. In this drill the defender is going to try and stop the offensive player from dribbling past them in a zigzag manner by using the defensive stance and slide footwork to stop them.
  •  Jumping Ability and Rebounding Drills- which would include throwing the ball off the backboard and catching it in mid air and then releasing it back off the backboard and must jump again and catch/ release in mid air again, repeat. Goal is to try and keep ball above the head on the rebounds.

*Medicine balls are all optional for the use of passing, rebounding, and shooting drills. Take into account of strength of child before use.

** **— Link to 3 man weave drill



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