Life Skills Development

It is our mission that our youth basketball players finish the program with heightened basketball skills and life skills that they will be able to use outside of basketball.

• Teamwork– In basketball, it is incredibly unrealistic to think a player can do it all on their own. They will learn the importance of playing with their teammates as well as what it is like to win and lose as a group seeing as you don’t always win life (Moore, 2011).
• Multi-Tasking– Is something that even some adults struggle with so it’s important to implement this early. Children who participate in extracurricular activities such as basketball, they must also balance school work, family and friends and I think through our practice schedule and commitment to academic excellence, each player will walk away with a better sense of multi-tasking and time management
• Goal Setting– Is also an important skill. If one doesn’t set goals, it gives no motivation for them to better themselves. Throughout our league we will have weekly goals that we feel fit the level of our players. They will be on an individual basis and eventually we will have the players set their own goals. By learning this in a fun and enjoyable environment, it will be easier to carry throughout life.
• Healthy Habits– With the rate of obesity on the rise, it’s crucial that we stress the importance of exercise early on in life. Playing basketball can reduce risk of chronic diseases, decrease blood pressure and cholesterol, and overall improve cardiovascular fitness. Once children know these benefits and understand that being healthy can also be fun, it will increase their want to continue to stay active through the rest of their lives, even if it isn’t playing basketball (Moore, 2011).

Each of these skills will be incorporated into our league and the understanding of each will enhance greatly as they excel through the league

Little Girl Holding Basketball


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