Structure of the League

Division A:

Division A consists of 200 boys ages 11-14. Division A has 13-14 teams with around fifteen players per team. Two parent-coaches will run each team during all practices and games.

Division B:

Division B consists of 200 girls ages 11-14. Division B has 13-14 teams with around fifteen players per team. Two parent-coaches will run each team during all practices and games.

Travel Team:

The league’s travel team will operate as a separate entity from the league throughout the season. Tryouts will be hosted during the league evaluation day and are open to all ages and genders. The travel team coaches with the approval of the league’s parent board decide the team composition. The travel team will play twelve other county teams throughout the course of the season and will enter a tournament at the end of the year.

League Schedule:

The season officially starts on the first Saturday of November of each year and ends on the second Saturday of March of each year. The league tournament will begin on the last Saturday in March and continue until the second Saturday in April. Two weeks prior to the start of the season, the league will host the first board meeting to discuss new board leadership, changes in the league structure, rules, and place players into their teams.

Evaluation Day/Team Placement:

Three weeks before the start of the season all league players will arrive to the designated location and time of the league’s evaluation day. This day serves as a basis for skills assessment in order to appropriately place players into teams that are fairly weighted. How each player performs on evaluation day will determine how they are placed into their given team.


Each team is required to host two mandatory practices per week with one optional practice. The date, time, and location of each practice are left to the discretion of the team coaches.


To start off the league is a 5 on 5 game which allows players to sit the bench, get a rest and support other players in the goal of their teams achievement to win each game and allow the coach to show the players on the bench what is going on correctly and what needs improvement. Each team will play each other twice during the season. All games will be played on the Saturday of every week. Forfeits, cancellations, and rescheduled games will be announced a minimum of two days prior to each game (NFHS, 2011). Competent parents affiliated with the league will referee all games. Referees will be chosen by the league board at the beginning of the season and will be given their schedules one week prior to the season starting.


Following the regular season, the top eight ranked teams in each division will enter the league tournament. Each team is given a seed depending upon their regular season record. The tournament has a single elimination structure in that one loss pushes a team out of the tournament. At the end first through fourth place teams will be awarded in each division.

League Board:

The league board consists of nine parents with active players in the league. A new board will be voted on at the first meeting of each season and will remain until the end of the season. The league board presides over all official league rules, regulations, issues, appeals, and any other topic that need be discussed. All board decisions are voted on by members of the board and carried out with a majority vote (NFHS, 2011). The league board is responsible for placing players into their respective teams, hosting parent meetings, approving coaches, approving the travel team roster, scheduling games, determining league expenses, and providing teams with their uniforms.


All fees for each player will be collected at the player registration during the league’s evaluation day. Each player’s fee is $20, which covers league uniforms, awards, and additional league expenses.


Game Rules

1. Sportsmanship, cooperation, kindness, and team cohesion should be emphasized at all times.

2. A jump ball starts the game and all periods including overtime periods.

3. Games will consist of two haves each consisting of three periods in the first half and then two longer periods in the second half.. Each period is six minutes long in the first half and the second half will be 8 minutes each period. . The clock will stop during foul shots, timeouts, and player injuries. Timeouts, fouls, and substitutions will be kept track by the official table.

4. The basket is standard regulation height of 10 feet. The basketballs will be 7/29.5 inches for the boys league while the girls league will use 6/28.5 inches (regulation for high school basketball) (NFHS, 2011).

5. Each team will receive two thirty-second timeouts per half as well as one thirty second timeout during the overtime period.

6. One four minute overtime period will be played if necessary. All initial line ups and substitutions are freely chosen by the coach.

7. There are no restrictions on the coach’s choice of defensive or offensive strategy.

9. The offensive team must be allowed to bring the ball over the half court line prior to receiving defensive pressure. Once the ball is over the half court line the defense is free to pressure the offense.

10. Players are allowed to fast break during all times of the game; however, at no time is a player allowed to “cherry-pick” or wait under the basket during a transition in ball possession.

11. All violations including walking, double dribble, 5 second out of bounds, 3 second lane violation, offensive pushing, moving picks, charging, goal tending and foul shooting violations will be called, explained, and result in a turnover (Hyland, 2012).

13. The foul line will be at the 15 foot line. During foul shots, players are not permitted to land over the foul line. Infraction of this will result in zero points. Players are allowed to move after the ball hits the rim.

14. Each team is allowed seven fouls per half. Once a team reaches seven fouls in a half, the other team is awarded a one and one foul shot. If a team reaches ten fouls in a half, the opposing team is awarded two foul shots. Team foul shots are erased at the second half of the game and at the start of the overtime period. Only team fouls are erased and not personal fouls. All personal and technical fouls are not erased at any point during the game (Hyland, 2012).  When a player reaches five personal fouls they foul out of the game.

15. Coaches are allowed to substitute players as they please. However, each player must play at least one full six-minute period. If a player has not played the entire game then it will result in a team’s forfeit of the game. If a player has not played the entire game and the game moves into the overtime period, the coach must play that individual for the entire overtime period.

17. The only personnel allowed on the bench are a maximum of two parent-coaches and as many players as the team hosts. No other individual is allowed on the bench unless cleared by the board.

18. Standard high school basketball rules apply unless otherwise stated.

19. A technical foul will be given to any player who initiates a fight, uses poor language, displays disrespect towards coaches, players, and referees, or shows repeated bouts of unsportsmanlike conduct. All technical fouls will be given with the discretion of the referees. Players given a technical foul will immediately be escorted out of the premises and will be suspended for one game per technical foul. Upon receipt of a technical foul, the opposing team will take two foul shots (Hyland, 2012).

-Technical fouls may be given to a team if a coach or a parent is disrespectful after the coach has been warned. Upon receipt of two team technical fouls, the coach or parent will be escorted out of the game and will be under the ruling of the board as to whether the coach or parent be suspended from the league.

20. All rules and team compositions are subject to change with justification from the board at any time during the season.


Court Dimensions


1. All games will be played on a standard high school sized court with all foul lines, three point lines, and hoop dimensions complying with high school regulation. Below is a diagram outlining the exact dimensions of the court each league game will be played on. 

basketball court

Player Eligibility


1. Players must be within the constraints of their age and gender groups with valid birth certificates in order to play.

2. Players must reside within the county limits to be regarded as eligible for play within the league.

3. Players must possess no prior juvenile criminal record. The board must clear all exceptions.

4. Upon suspension from the league for repeated rule violations, technical fouls, or unsportsmanlike conduct, the player will be ineligible to attend any league games until that player’s suspension time has ceased.

League Travel Team


1. On the day of the league’s initial skills evaluation to assess players, all interested players are allowed to try-out for the league’s travel team. Try-out assessments will consist of an evaluation of each player’s individual skills, experience, moral conduct, and team play attitude.

2. The travel team roster is subjectively chosen by the travel team coaches. All appeals to the roster may be brought to the board; however, all board decisions on appeals are final.

3. The league travel team will play in a league of consisting of twelve other county teams. Each team will play each other once and a state tournament will follow at the end of the season

4. Travel team game rules comply with those of the national high school basketball rules.


Tournament Rules

1. At the end of the season, the league will host a tournament.

2. The top eight ranked teams in each gender category will be given a seed in the league tournament.

3. If two or more teams have the same record, a playoff will ensue to determine which team receives a seed in the tournament.

4. Tournament seeds will result from each teams season record.

5. Only players on the initial team roster are eligible to compete in the tournament

6. Tournament game rules comply with those of official league rules with the exception of multiple overtime periods if necessary. Overtime periods will continue until a winner emerges.

7. First through fourth place finishes in the tournament will be awarded at the end of the season.


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