Gross and Fine Motor Development/ Context Specific Behavior

Gross and Fine Motor Skill Development/ Context Specific Behaviors

During elementary school children are at different stages of motor growth and development. Some are better at gross motor movements, large muscles, and others are better at fine motor movements, small muscles, so it is important that our basketball program helps children further develop from whatever stage they are currently at. Basketball includes many important fundamental skills that can be used in everyday tasks. These skills include:
• Balance
• Coordination
• Manipulation
• Locomotion (Clark)

By building these basic skills the children in our program will be able to adapt to new environments and manipulate their bodies to accomplish the task at hand. Passing drills will help the children learn things like object reception and deflection. Object reception and deflection are types of object interception. In basketball reception would be catching the ball and object deflection would be knocking the ball off of its original path (Clark). Object interception is important in all sports and situations because it develops the child’s ability to assess their environment and move accordingly (Clark). Fine motor movement usually evolves after gross motor movement. In our basketball program we will help children with grasping and manipulating the basketball so they can have better control of the ball while playing. This will help them improve their dribbling, shooting, and passing skills. They will develop more control and be more accurate. <— This is a video of prodigy basketball star Julian Newman showing off his skills of fine and gross motor control of the ball.

Some of the children in our program will be fine-tuning these fundamental skills and will be looking for more context specific guidance. Context specific movements are when the child takes fundamental movements and applies them to a specific task (Clark). An example would be turning throwing a basketball into properly shooting a basketball. This involves applying fine and gross motor movements that the child has already learned from fundamental patterns, and transforming their movements into a specific form so they can do the task properly.
Applying skills to specific contexts allows the children to individualize their skills and experiment with the variety of movements they can accomplish (Clark). Our basketball program will provide new experiences and professional guidance in a fun environment to help improve your child’s fundamental and context specific movements.


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